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Hello! My name is Collin James. I'm 21 living in Oklahoma City. I'm immensely fascinated by a world I can't remember.


It tastes just like the movie! #pacificrim


Happy Columbus Day!

Look at our awesome pumpkins! Mine is the Punklahoma one on the bottom.

I like being difficult.

I like being difficult.

#WALKTHEMOON (at Cain’s Ballroom)

Yeah. Thanks for that, @jweaver1267. (at Cain’s Ballroom)

Oh the irony

I’m gonna be honest… I’m not really sure what a turkey looks like. #macaronigrille

Aww yiss #pumpkinpatching (at T. G Farms)

Looks just like Alexander… You are missed, my friend.

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The special love I had for you, my baby blue

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hey kids u wanna buy some drugs

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#vampireweekend (at Brady Theater)